Come join us and celebrate the age old maritime tradition of burning your socks on the Spring Solstice! Enjoy Oysters, Food, Brew and Music! About the Tradition:In the mid-1980’s at a boatyard in Annapolis, MD., Captain Bob Turner wore socks all during the long, cold winter months while working on OPB’s (Other People’s Boats). By Winter’s end, his socks were stand-up stiff with sawdust, caulk and bottom paint. On the first day of Spring, Capt. Bob placed his leavings laden socks in a paint tray, doused them with lighter fluid, set them on fire, and then drank a beer to celebrate. And so the Spring tradition of sock burning began and it has grown to coastal communities across the country. Presented by the Beaufort Development Association. Last year this event was cancelled due to weather.

03/20/2019 | 06:00 pm – 08:00 pm

The Chandlery At Front Street Village

Beaufort, NC

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