As the Crystal Coast warms up, homeowners in Morehead City, Atlantic Beach and the surrounding areas have a unique opportunity to captivate potential buyers with stunning curb appeal. Here are essential landscaping tips that resonate with the coastal charm of our beloved North Carolina shoreline.


Lawn Care is Key


A lush, green lawn is a universal sign of a well-maintained home. In our coastal climate, it’s important to choose a grass type that can handle the salt air, like Bermuda or St. Augustine.  


Bermuda grass stands up well to the heat and is drought-tolerant, thriving under our bright sun. St. Augustine grass, with its broad, flat blades, is another excellent choice, known for its tolerance to salt spray and ability to establish quickly, creating a dense turf. Both types have deep root systems that help them withstand the coastal conditions and recover from any wear.


To ensure that your grass has the best start, begin with a soil test to understand its pH and nutrient levels. The sandy soils of our region may require amendments to provide a strong foundation for your lawn. Aeration is a critical step in early spring, allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate the compacted soil, which is common after winter’s dormancy.


Follow this with a high-quality fertilizer that’s suited for coastal lawns, ensuring it has the right balance to promote growth without causing burn.


Add a Splash of Color


Spring on the Crystal Coast is all about color.Integrating seasonal flowers into your garden not only adds instant appeal but also mirrors the natural beauty of our area. Azaleas and hydrangeas are particularly splendid choices for the coastal gardener, flourishing with minimal care while providing a spectacular display.


Azaleas dazzle with their wide range of colors, from deep pinks to vivid whites, showcasing their resilience and adaptability to our coastal climate. Hydrangeas complement them beautifully with their large, lush blooms in soothing shades of blue, pink, and purple, offering a striking contrast that can soften any garden setting. These plants are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, blooming profusely through spring and early summer to ensure your garden remains a focal point of color and interest.


For those seeking versatility and a dynamic touch, container gardening with annuals like petunias or marigolds is an excellent choice. Petunias provide a continuous cascade of color with their trumpet-shaped blooms, available in almost every shade imaginable, while marigolds bring vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds to the table, their scent acting as a natural pest deterrent.


By embracing these gardening strategies, you’ll create a space that not only celebrates the essence of spring on the Crystal Coast but also enhances the overall charm and appeal of your home.


Mulch Matters


Fresh mulch is like a new coat of paint for your garden – it can transform a tired bed into a standout feature. Opt for pine straw or bark mulch, which complement the natural coastal aesthetic and provide excellent protection against soil erosion from our sometimes brisk sea breezes.


Pine straw, with its fine texture and golden color, adds a warm touch to the garden and is especially effective in preventing weed growth. It interlocks naturally, which helps it stay in place even when those brisk sea breezes sweep across our landscapes. Bark mulch, with its varied textures and rich hues, from deep browns to reddish tones, not only nourishes the soil as it decomposes but also provides a sturdy cover that shields the soil from the sun’s intense rays.


Both types of mulch offer superior protection against soil erosion, a common challenge in coastal areas. They act as a barrier, absorbing the impact of rain and preventing the washing away of precious topsoil. This is especially beneficial during our rainy seasons or in the event of tropical weather conditions.


Create an Outdoor Living Space


The Crystal Coast is synonymous with relaxed, outdoor living. Show off this lifestyle by creating a welcoming outdoor space. Adding a fire pit or a built-in fireplace can be a centerpiece for social gatherings and offer comfort during cooler evenings. It’s also a year-round invitation to gather and make memories, whether it’s toasting marshmallows in the summer or sipping hot cider in the fall.


For those with green thumbs, integrating a small herb garden into your outdoor area can provide fresh flavors just steps from the grill and add a lush, green element to the space. Raised planters using natural stone or cedar can enhance the organic feel while keeping maintenance low.


Don’t forget lighting to enhance the ambiance and extend usability into the evening! Solar-powered lanterns, string lights cascading above, and LED path lighting can create a warm glow that highlights the best features of your outdoor living space.


Regular Maintenance


Finally, consistent upkeep is crucial. The fast-growing season means that hedges and trees can quickly become unruly. Regular pruning and shaping not only keep your property looking tidy but also help prevent damage during our stormy seasons.


As we move into the spring market, remember that your home’s first impression is invaluable. With these locally-tailored landscaping tips, your property will not only mirror the natural beauty of the Crystal Coast but will also stand out in the spring real estate market.


Whether you’re preparing to sell or simply want to enjoy your home’s enhanced beauty, these tips will help you achieve the curb appeal that resonates with the coastal charm of the Crystal coast and beyond!

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