Mold Spots on Ceilings or in Corners of Walls

When steam rises, bathroom moisture problems are often found on ceilings or up in the corners of the walls.  Not having an efficient fan to divert the steam and humidity to the out of doors most often will produce mold problems on the walls, ceiling, under and around the toilet and behind the bath or shower surround.  Another molding producing situation is a leaky toilet or plumbing.  Excess moisture can cause black mold to grow, which can cause serious health problems.  The mold does not have to be seen to cause health issues; it only needs to be present.


Suggested repair solution to remedy excess moisture, i.e. removing mold and relieving excess moisture: use a paint that is special formulated to resist mildew, and seal off areas already repaired. Otherwise, mold can get through layers of regular paint. Other areas that mold can exist and be trapped: closets, garages or basement rooms and storage, as well as dripping or mold spots below windows.  These are caused by faulty window seals or rotten casings.  If this is observed, the solution is to replace windows and frames as well as surrounding insulation and sheetrock to remove all wet areas.





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