If you own a home, then you probably understand the desire to look around and think “if only we changed that.” However, is it always worth the money to change up parts of your home? Here are some of the top renovations that will not only enhance your living but also add value to your Crystal Coast home resale. 


Top Renovations For The Interior

Updated Kitchen

The kitchen is often the hub of the home for most families and therefore should be a top priority for a renovation if it is not using all of its potential. Reports have even shown that you could recover over 50-70% of the cost upon resell.

Opening up your space, adding an island for extra seating and refreshing the colors can add major value. Some profitable upgrades also include hidden outlets, wine fridge, commercial style ranges and drawer style microwaves. 


Updated Bathroom

Making sure your bathrooms are updated or that you have enough of them is a large value to a home. If you do not have a half bath, adding one close to the main living area could be a great option. If you do have a half bath, consider adding a shower if there is space.

Updating your bathroom is pretty easy to do and adding amenities like a bidet or a niche in the shower for toiletries are some great extras to consider. 


Open Floor Plan

For most, the era of everyone wanting their own spaces has gone and a more inviting hosting area is desired. Whether it is a completely open concept throughout the main living area or just a few unnecessary walls taken down, it can change the way a room both feels and works for a family.

It also can allow more light into your home with a small change. With this being in high demand, it is a profitable renovation to consider.


Update Light Fixtures

Such a simple change as a different fixture in a bathroom or living room can update a space quickly. If you are concerned about your budget, try looking online for an “open box” price.

This is when a product is returned, most often because they went with a different option, and the price is greatly reduced. 


Adding Square Footage

Whether it is the addition of a bedroom or an extension to the living room or kitchen, adding square footage to your home almost always guarantees adding value to it. 


Top Renovations For Curb Appeal

Landscaping Your Yard

Having a beautiful exterior is a great way to add quick value. This can be as simple as a well cut yard, pruned scrubs, and adding mulch. You can also consider including different seasonal plants for color throughout the year. 

Front Door Color

Did you know that fan favorite color for a home is slate blue and the most searched for color to add value to your selling price is black! No matter what, a fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference.


Adding A Porch 

There can be a lot of memories made on a porch and is why it can be a great option to add to your home. Consider composite materials as they are most preferred when reselling.

If you are adding concrete leading up to the porch, consider stamped concrete. This can give the look of stone or tiles and adds some intrigue to an otherwise plain walkway. 


Garage Door Upgrade

This upgrade surprisingly can have the highest return. When you replace your garage door, look for insulated doors or ones with energy saving glaze to help with energy efficiency. Other popular options are aluminum, steel and wood composite. 


Add Outdoor Living Space

Having the option to host family and friends outdoors is a big perk for a property. Consider adding a screened in porch, a patio or even an outdoor kitchen. This additional living space will only increase the value of your home. 


Top Updates For Maintenance

Update Your HVAC System

New buyers are often unwilling to overlook issues such as old systems, even if the seller is offering a home warranty for compensation. It is much easier to replace the unit before considering selling and you will have less chance of turning away potential buyers.


Replace The Roof

Just like the HVAC system, potential homebuyers don’t want to have to worry about replacing a roof after moving in. Putting money into a new roof if it is needed will help the resell of your home.


Adding Attic Insulation

While it certainly will not be the first thing talked about upon resell, the difference to your energy bill will certainly be of value to your wallet and a new homeowner. 


Top Renovations For Energy Efficiency

Smart Technology 

Technology has come a long way and there are many options for adding it to your home. Advanced security cameras, camera doorbells, smart thermostats and even lighting are all easily accessible from your phone and are a much desired addition for potential homebuyers.


Replacing Your Windows

Windows are the #1 source of air loss in your home and can negatively affect your wallet if not addressed properly. Look for Energy Star rated windows that have triple pane glass to help keep in heat. For a budget friendly option, vinyl windows are also great for energy savings. Replacing your windows can also reduce the outside noise.

If your home is older and has smaller windows, consider updating them with larger windows. This will let in more light and also update the curb appeal of your home.


Energy Star Appliances

When you do a renovation, look for Energy Star appliances. These products are guaranteed to use less energy and therefore, save you money. 


Renovations To Avoid

While there are plenty of renovations both big and small that will add value to your home, there is an equally long list of renovations that may seem enticing to take on but actually will end up not being worth the cost.

Here is a list of the renovations that will add the least amount of value to your home. 

  • Sunroom addition
  • Second story addition
  • Extravagant landscaping- potential buyers will be turned off by the amount of maintenance it will require.
  • Garage conversions
  • Solar panels
  • Unique wallpaper
  • Swimming Pool addition
  • Expanding a room by the loss of a bedroom- losing a bedroom for the sake of another space typically doesn’t add value to your home. Instead consider adding square footage with an extension.
  • Attic conversion

When you start considering making parts of your house more open to flow better, changing rooms to feel more modern or just updating parts that need improvement, check back to our list. Make sure that where you put your money into not only improves the life you are living in your home but also the value of it so you can recoup that money if and when you sell.


If you are in the process of considering reselling your Crystal Coast home or you are in the market for a new home with these types of renovations, give us at Al Williams Properties a call so we can help make the process go smoothly! 

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