During the middle of the summer, do you experience days that you feel your HVAC system is not cooling as well as it did a few weeks ago? During the coldest part of the winter, do you find that your HVAC system is not heating properly?  The problem could be very simple:

  • During the summer, it is easy for dust and pollutants from the atmosphere to clog the filter and keep it from operating the air being moved through the unit properly.
  • By changing the filters monthly during the summer, this will keep the air flowing freely and reduce the strain on your HVAC’s motor.Putting in new filters monthly, will also allow the condenser coils to stay clean and extending the life of the equipment. 
  • During the winter, if filters become blocked, this can cause the furnace to short-cycle or overheat. When this happens the furnace can begin consistently shutting down.
  • Change the filters during the winter season every one to three months and you will experience cleaner and more comfortable air!
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