Use dryer sheets to dust, it can help in a lot of ways, it gets rid of static, and actually coats as it cleans, which aides in repelling future dust and hair collection.

If you use a dryer sheet on your baseboards, it helps keep pet hair and dust off your walls, which makes for less wall cleaning!   Attach your dryer sheet to a Swiffer floor cleaner, or something like it, and run it along the baseboards, also wipe ceiling fan blades down with dryer sheet, to help repel the collection on them!  Repeat this as necessary,  weekly or monthly.  

Depending on pets and dust in your home!

Another use for dryer sheets: Put one in your dresser drawers and your clothes will smell laundry fresh!  This idea also works for vehicles, place a laundry sheet under the seats,

close the vehicle up, and the next morning when you get in your car will smell great!

 DO NOT use dryer sheets to clean your dryer lint trap, it will coat the trap and cause the lint to build up in other areas, c

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