1. Before starting a load, run hot water in your sink 90 seconds. Reason? Once detergents become wet, they stay active for only 6 minutes. Temperature required to activate ingredients that aid in cleaning is 125 degrees, and it takes the heating element in most dishwashers 3 minutes to heat water just 1 degree.
  2. Scrape dishes, but leave grease to help lubricate parts.
  3. Hard Water deposits can insulate your heating element, preventing it from heating water to 125 degrees, as well as clogging the nozzles, reducing the spraying power of your blades. Remedy: To remove these deposits, add ½ cup of white vinegar to each load which also works as a rinse aid, leaving no odor or negative side effects.
  4. Once a month, run a short cleaning cycle with a cup of white vinegar and no soap or dishes.
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