You’ve made the decision to sell your house.  The decision was not taken lightly – a few sleepless nights, some days you were ready to sell, other days not so much.  Selling a house is a big decision and you want to make sure you do everything possible to help in the sale.  Below are 7 tips on what you can do right now, to start the selling process off on the right step.



  • Let the market set the price –  We will work closely with you to determine the market value of your home, ensuring you are not priced too low or too high.  If your home is priced too high based off the competition, you very well may have your home on the market for a long time.  On the other hand, priced too low, does not give you the money your home sale deserves.  Setting the home price to the market, is a sure fire winning method to selling your home.
  • Making needed repairs may bring you more money – Sure you’re ready to sell and you probably do not want to spend too much time or money fixing small repairs on a house you will no longer own.  However, and this is big, those small repairs or updates, just may be your ticket to selling your home more quickly and at a higher price.
  • Stage your home to sell – Potential home buyers want to be able to see themselves in the home.  If your personal items are scattered throughout the house, the potential buyer will have a difficult time envisioning living in the home.  As the saying goes, less is more.
  • Your kitchen is most important – Kitchens are of major importance to home buyers.  If you have a wonderful kitchen, your house is going to be much easier to sell.  On the other hand, an outdated kitchen will have buyers wanting to knock some money of the asking price.  A quick fix to update a kitchen is to repaint and update the hardware.
  • Your furry friends need to be hidden – For those of us who are animal lovers, our pets always come first, but some people are not dog and cat lovers.  The less pet toys, beds, and food bowls, the better.
  • Bright and cheery is the way to go – When you have a home showing, make sure to turn your lights on, open your shades, and let the sun come streaming through the windows.


Remember curb appeal – Trimmed bushes, bright flowers, and a clean exterior are of maximum importance.  You want your house to grab potential buyer’s attention as soon as they drive up or by your home.

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