Get a Check Up on your Heat Pump

make sure your unit is in good repair and clean, doing this sooner rather than later will ensure your ability to not have to wait around for a repairman

Reverse Ceiling Fans

after you turn your heat on reverse your ceiling fans, the fan produces an updraft and pushes the rising heat down into your room

Check Windows

check for gaps between siding and windows, reapply a Silicone caulk to gaps outside

Clean Your Gutters

regular cleaning of your gutters helps prevent damage to roofing, siding and trim, from backed up water

Drain Water Pipes

draining water pipes, and irrigation systems, disconnect all outside hoses, to avoid freezing water that can cause burst pipes and leaks

Check Your Fireplace

make sure your chimney and vents are clean, preventing carbon monoxide from coming into your home and prevent house fires

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